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Diesel generators have been used for decades in domestic and industrial purposes as the main or alternative source of electricity. Most consumers prefer diesel units, which have many advantages over gasoline and gas vehicles. The diesel engine is long lasting, durable and easy to maintain, while diesel fuel is cheaper than gasoline and less flammable, making it safer to store.

What is a diesel generator?

A diesel generator or a diesel generator set (DGU) a mobile power plant that runs on diesel fuel and designed to supply an object with electricity in the absence or insufficient power of the main electricity. Diesel power plants used in everyday life and in production, in the construction and operation of buildings and structures. Each serious industrial facility must have one or two diesel generators in reserve. A rare construction site does without diesel generator sets (DGU). Any decent country house has a backup diesel generator.

A diesel generator set (DGU), as the name implies, has two main units: a diesel engine and a current generator (alternator). The internal combustion engine (ICE), powered by diesel fuel, produces mechanical energy. Which is then converted into electrical energy by the current generator.

How does a generator produce electricity?

The diesel generator engine is a reciprocating ICE (internal combustion engine). The principle of its operation is to ignite a combustible mixture (air + diesel fuel) by compression. As a result of the combustion of which kinetic energy generated that causes the crankshaft to rotate. This rotation transmitted to the rotor of the electric generator (alternator). The rotor, rotating, creates a magnetic field in the stator winding. As a result of these processes, electricity – generated.

Types of diesel generators

The main parameter of a diesel generator is its rated power. It measured in kilowatts (kW) or kilovolt amperes (kVA). The power of diesel generator varies from one to several thousand kilowatts (kW) (several megawatts (MW).

  • low power – less than 30 kW;
  • medium power – up to 250 kW;
  • high power – 250 kW and above;

Famous brands of diesel generators

Manufacturers of diesel generators are not different, and probably should be said, they are the same as for gasoline generators. Brands such as Konner & Sohnen, Hyundai, Forte, Matari, Iron angel or Honda are usually in the first places of the charts.

It would be difficult to say which company’s diesel-electric generators are the best, because each company has the widest selection and models of generators. However, the fact is that Konner & Sohnen, Hyundai and Forte products are among the top three sellers. Choosing the best one is difficult, but you can find a wide range of price-quality and energy variations between generators on the market. Probably everyone can find a suitable option that will satisfy their needs.

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