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Discount: 10% for all Influencer listeners

When you share your video on social media, you can share the affiliate link in the description. When you click on this link, your audience will receive a 10% discount. For reliability, you also receive a discount code. For example, the code “UKRAINE” or “TURKEY”. If you are an Influencer talking about the Ukrainian and Turkish issue, your listeners will benefit from it. For well-known channels, the discount may be individual.
Discount code 10 % :

Generator Volunteers

Discount from Charities and Volunteers

Discount: 24% from Volunteers

By helping people or attracting Charitable organizations, you also share an affiliate discount of 24%. For example, if you bring kind-hearted people to the problem who want to help, these people receive our thanks for their kindness in the form of a huge discount. Our social responsibility is to help. For well-known charitable organizations, an individual discount is provided. The example below is for those who help Ukraine and Turkey and the citizens of Ukraine and Turkey. Discount code 24%:


Partnership as a Social Responsibility

Remember. People need in all parts of our planet. And it is in our power to take part in their fate. Together we have the opportunity to make a difference. Press the button. You will be taken to a page where you can choose the path of partnership with us.