Affiliate offer


Affiliate offer

Do good deeds and make money!

1. Sign up

Join thousands of merchants, marketers, authors, publishers and bloggers who earn through the commission affiliate program.

2. Recommend

Share information about our generators with your audience. We have tools to build links of partners and social media influencers.

3. Earn

Earn up to 25% in commissions on qualifying purchases and programs. Our competitive payouts help maximize profits.

Generator Influencer

For Influencers

Affiliate reward: 25%, Depth: 1 level

You are a social media influencer on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook or Instagram and so on. You sympathize to Ukraine and want to help civilians affected by the tragedy. Just register and say what do you think in your vids. Don’t forget to share the link in the video description and remind about it. There is a discount for your audience. It can be individual.

For Supply Chain Managers

Affiliate reward from each level: 10%, Depth: 3 levels

You work as a Sales or Supply manager in retail chains or know such a manager. You know all about purchases or sales. And you have your own team. Register all team by affiliate links and earn money by doing regular work. All participants in the supply chain will securely receive their remuneration through the affiliate program.

Generator Sales
Generator Volunteers

For Charities and Volunteers

Affiliate reward from each level: 5%, Depth: 5 levels

You are a Volunteer, you have a team of like-minded people. You are looking for people who need your help around the world. As, for example, now in Ukraine. Benefit people by promoting our products. At the same time, you get the opportunity to pay for your expenses for good deeds with the help of our affiliate program. And also, all those in need who follow your link will automatically receive a 24% discount. And the most active Volunteers will receive a custom affiliate discount for their audience.

What are we selling?

This is a way to get energetic freedom. And in some cases, this is a way to have light, heat and even safe life. We hope that you will need the generator you bought from us only on a picnic with your family in a world full of love.