Earthquake in Turkey and assistance to the people

Earthquake in Turkey and assistance to the population

A powerful earthquake rocked Turkey and Syria on Monday night. According to various sources, the power reaches up to 7.8 on the Richter scale. There has not been an earthquake of this magnitude for almost a century. It was Turkey that felt the biggest effects.

Earthquake aftershock

Earthquake and aftershock in Turkey

Despite the strong first shock of the earthquake, there was not a weaker one later. after an hour and a half of fighting after the first blow, the second hit, the strength of which reached 7.5 points. Aftershock hit along the same fault line, about 60 miles north of the first, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Aftermath of the earthquake

The earthquake was so strong that both new and old buildings collapsed. Because this disaster struck unexpectedly, there are many injured and dead. According to various sources, the number of dead this year is about 10 thousand people. The World Health Organization believes that this number may eventually reach 20,000 victims. Even after the second day after the disaster, rescue work is still going on intensively, so all the numbers will still change.

The area affected by the earthquake is enormous, and special services are unable to rescue people buried under the debris of buildings. Further, remote settlements sometimes waited more than half a day for help. The authorities are unable to manage a disaster of this magnitude. The people themselves are trying their best to help the local residents.

The consequences of the earthquake are not only human victims, but many people have lost their shelter, electricity, water supply and heat supply have been disrupted in many places.

Geologic effects of the earthquake

The extraordinary earthquake in Turkey also caused strong geological changes in the territory of Turkey. Information is already being published that the tectonic plates, on which Turkey is located, have advanced by 5-6 meters. And in the important Turkish city of Iskanderun, located on the seashore, the sea level has also risen.

Experts determined that the earthquake provoked the movement of the Arabian tectonic plate towards the North. According to the scientists, a stretch of about 225 kilometers between the Anatolian and Arabian tectonic plates was damaged. This was influenced by the subterranean processes of the Arabian plate movement. The process itself, the movement of tectonic plates, is not new to our planet, but shifts of this kind of thinking are not that frequent when measured in human years, not planetary years. During such processes, it is likely that the ground moves from one meter to 10-15 meters.

Water level

Another effect that is characteristic of the movement of the earth’s plates is changes in the water table. Events such as floods are sometimes temporary, but there are also changes in the water level. The Turkish coastal city of Iskanderūns felt this change. His district in Hatay is reported to have flooded streets after the sea level rise caused by the earthquake.

The tragedy is not over yet

Although the waves of the earthquake have subsided, this does not mean that this disaster will end there. Many people were left without their homes and warm shelter when it is currently winter in Turkey and the temperature, in some places, is below 0 degrees Celsius. After so many earthquake-destroyed houses and damaged infrastructure, many people’s lives will never return to normal.

Aid to Turkey

With today’s disaster and the growing number of victims, this earthquake does not end with its vibrations. For those who remain homeless, any humanitarian aid is vital. Many will also need help from International Organizations in the form of food, items, and shelter.

The need for humanitarian aid can also be met by generators that would allow heating of mass-dwelling areas for the remaining residents without homes. Generators are a source of electricity that will allow you to always have a means of communication, which is extremely necessary in the event of such a disaster. For many homes without electricity, which will take time to restore, it can also be a source of light.

In turn, by contributing to the aid, all generators that will be purchased or bought for the purpose of aid to Turkey will have an additional discount. For more information contact our support manager.

In the face of this disaster, like the war in Ukraine, we call for unity, and any help provided in any way is valuable and needed. Let’s not remain indifferent, let’s contribute as much as we can.

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