Generator HK8000W Gasoline 2000W

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Power, kW: 2
Voltage, V: 230/380/12
Fuel, L/h: 1.36


Technical Specification

Generator HK8000W Gasoline 2000W – Emergency generator: 4-stroke petrol generator 6.5 hp
The product is a generator for emergency power supply.

The emergency generator can also be used as a generator for the regular operation of equipment with a power within the specified limits. The power of a 3-phase power generator is always specified for 3-phase operation. This means that you can only take a third of the nominal power of the generato per phase. When connecting 3-phase machines, this is usually not a problem, as the load in this case is usually symmetrical. The phases are therefore evenly loaded. If you operate 1-phase loads on a 3-phase generator, you must ensure that the loads are distributed accordingly to the phases.
They have 1500W continuous power and 2000W start-up power per 230V socket of the generator set available.

Technical data:

Engine: 1-Zylinger, 4 stroke; air-cooled petrol engine
Displacement: 163cc
Max power (HP/r p m): 6.5 hp / 5000 rpm)
Ignition system: contactless transistor ignition (CDI)
Start system: Cable hoist (hand start)
Tank filling (in liters): 15
Engine oil capacity (in litres): 0.6
low fuel consumption (11 hours runtime)
Generator set fuel: Unleaded petrol (also suitable for E10)
Operating noise at 7m (dB): 65
Dimensions (L x W x H): 60 x 45 x 45 cm


AC Frequency (Hz): 50Hz
AC output voltage (V): 12/239/400 volts

Connections of the generator set:

5 sockets
1x AC 400Volt
3x AC 220 volts
1x DC 12 volts

Additional information

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Power (kW)


Voltage (V)

12, 230, 380



Fuel Consumption (L)



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