OUKITEL P5000 Portable Power Station 2200W/5120Wh

Size: L550*W299*H487
Weight: 52kg
Capacity: 5120Wh
Cycle Life: 5,000 cycles to 80% capacity


OUKITEL P5000 Portable Power Station 5120Wh High-Capacity Solution

Engineered to meet your emergency preparedness and outdoor power needs, the OUKITEL ABEARL P5000 ensures extended power supply during severe blackouts or serves as a reliable backup for EVs and RVs in critical situations.

Premium Endurance with LFP Battery

The P5000 features an advanced EV-grade LiFePO4 (LFP) battery boasting an impressive 5000 cycles, guaranteeing years of reliable use. OUKITEL’s intelligent battery management system provides comprehensive protections, including voltage, current, charge, and temperature safeguards.

Versatile Power for Home Appliances

With a robust 2200W output, the ABEARL P5000 can power a wide range of devices, from essential home appliances and medical equipment to power tools and electric vehicles.

Rapid 1800W AC Charging

Benefit from the industry-leading 1800W AC charging speed, allowing the ABEARL P5000 to reach full charge in less than 3 hours. Dual input options from AC outlets and solar panels further expedite the charging process, achieving a full charge in just 1.8 hours.

Seamless UPS Functionality in 10 ms

During blackouts, the P5000 seamlessly transitions into a 2000W Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), switching to battery power in just 10 ms. This quick response ensures connected devices stay operational, providing ample time to save work and safeguarding against voltage fluctuations.

Effortless Plug and Play Home Backup

Connect the P5000 to your home’s main electrical panel or transfer switch during blackouts, effortlessly delivering power to the house from its built-in battery or connected solar panels without the need for complex rewiring.

1000W Solar Charging Support

Equipped with a built-in MPPT controller boasting 99% conversion efficiency, the P5000 maximizes solar power utilization. With a maximum solar input of 1000W, recharging the P5000 takes approximately 5 hours, offering compatibility with OUKITEL solar panels and third-party 12-120V solar panels.

Lightweight and Portable Design

Despite its massive 5120Wh capacity, the P5000 weighs only 114.6 lbs, making it 63% lighter than other portable power stations with similar capacities. The inclusion of rugged wheels and a suitcase-style telescopic pull handle ensures easy and convenient transportation.

OUKITEL P5000 Portable Power Station Specifications:

Model: OUKITEL P5000
Size: L550*W299*H487
Weight: 52kg
Battery: LiFePo4
Capacity: 5120Wh
Cycle Life: 5,000 cycles to 80% capacity
Operation temperature: 0-40 ℃ /32-104℉
Storage temperature: -10-40 ℃ /-14-104℉

Super-charge: Max1800W, AC200-240Vac Max15A
Solar Charge: 1* XT60 Port,12V-120V / 15A , MPPT MAX 1000W
Adapter Charge: 12V-120V / 15A, MAXimum 1000W
Car Charge & Battery Charge: 12V/8A – 24V/10A

5 x AC: 2200W total (Surge 4000W)
2 x USB-A: 5V/2.4A, 12W Max per port
USB-A x 2 ,QC3.0: 5V/3A ; 9V/2A; 12V/1.5A,18W Max per port
2 x USB-C: PD-100W Max per port
1 x DC24V: 24V10A socket
2 x DC12V: 12V3A socket
1 x Cigar lighter: 12V/10A

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