Generator PS9000 2.0kW

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Power, kW: 2.0
Voltage, V: 230
Fuel, L/h: 1.2

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Technical specification

Generator PS9000 2.0 kW is perfect for powering electrical tools, pumps, lighting, solar panel controllers in emergency situations.
N-HOLLAND’s high quality hand and starter generators are perfect for emergency power supply: home, office, vehicle;  motor homes, trucks, tractors, cars; camping; industrial installations.


Motor type: three-phase
Model: ps9000
Engine: 4 stroke
Maximum power: 2300 watts
Engine power: 6.5 km
Device weight: 40 kg
Fuel type: petrol
Type: Portable
Frequency: 50 Hz
Working hours: 10 a.m
Height: 49 cm
Width: 55 cm
Depth: 44 cm
Average fuel consumption: 1.2 l/h
Rated power of the generator: 2000 W.
12 V output
Supply voltage: 230 volts

The device is perfect for construction sites, houses, summer houses, camping sites and anywhere we need a strong and stable power source. The unit’s motor has a chrome-plated piston, so it is quiet and smooth in operation, and at the same time it is very economical.
Genset engine rubber stabilizers and engine mounts dampen vibrations and reduce noise.
The device has a voltage regulator and a 12V output for charging the battery.

Unlike traditional generators that run at a constant speed/RPM, the KRAFT & DELE portable generator has a microprocessor controlled Smart Throttle Technology that adjusts the engine speed to precisely match the load.

If the generator doesn’t provide a lot of devices, it runs slower. Thus, the generator reduces fuel consumption, extends the life of the engine and increases the intervals between filling the fuel tank. As the load increases, the generator will automatically increase speed and RPM to meet the power demand.

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