Generator PT6500W Gasoline

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Power, kW: 3.5
Voltage, V: 230/380
Fuel, L/h: 1.25


Technical Specification

The Generator Powertech PT6500W: Professional Generator is a starter generator package with 6500W of incredible power and impressive, efficient performance. Made of a powder-coated and welded steel frame, which ensures corrosion and rust-free properties. This professional generator has an open design, works efficiently and offers more power and longer runtimes. The motor sleeve is made of cast iron for a long service life. This generator has an automatic voltage regulator, which ensures a uniform and uniform power output. The large tank extends the service life without or with less refueling and has a built-in fuel gauge. Simple folding handle with high leverage and handle for easy maneuverability. Ideally suited for camping, outdoor, home and industry.


Simple start button switch
6500 Watt Professional Generator
Frame made of powder-coated, welded steel
Smooth and even performance
Cast iron engine compartment
Ergonomically shaped control panel
Lightweight, portable and economical
Fuel-efficient engine
Impressively efficient performance
Long service life and sophisticated design
Automatic oil shortage protection
Large tank volume
Integrated fuel gauge

Technical data:

Brand Name: Powertech
Color: Red, Black
Materials: Powder-coated high-performance steel
Output Power: 3500W
Rated Power: 3000W
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Rated Voltage: 220/380V
Power Factor: 1.0
Gross Weight: 40kg
Net Weight: 38kg


The power of a 3-phase generator is always to be specified for a 3-phase operation. That
this means that you can only decrease one third of the rated power per phase. At
Connection of 3-phase machines this is usually not a problem, since the load in this case is usually
is symmetrical, so the phases are loaded evenly. Should you apply 1-phase loads to
a 3-phase generator, so you have to take care of the loads yourself accordingly
to divide up the phases.
Should you be using three-phase current consumers and luminous flux consumers simultaneously on a 3-phase
To operate the generator, so make sure that the entire power of the individual phase strings
is not exceeded.


The rated power of a 3-phase generator is 4.5kW at 400V. Therefore, the maximum
Phase power 4.5kW/3=1.5kW. The load is as a three-phase motor with a rated load of 3kW
adopted. Thus, the current load per phase is 3kW / 3 = 1kW. This would add 0.5 kW
(= 500 Watts) are available per phase.
Starting current (Please determine your machines type.)
Current, which flows through an electric motor at the moment of switching on, in order to
To accelerate up to a standstill. The starting current of an electric motor is always far above the
Rated current, it also depends on the load with which the motor must start. Empty
starting motors, depending on the type of motor, have starting currents of one and a half to
Two and a half times the rated current. Machines that are difficult to start up require a short-term
Starting current up to five times the rated current.
Please make sure that you only empty devices up to 4500 watts under power plug
can operate starting motors if the device starting current remains below 4500 watts.
Note: Fill in engine oil 10W30 before starting for the first time !

Additional information

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Power (kW)


Voltage (V)

230, 380



Fuel Consumption (L)



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