Generator PT8500WI 3.5 kW

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Power, kW: 3.5
Voltage, V: 230/400
Fuel, L/h: 1.2


Technical specification

Generator PT8500WI 3,5Kw 7HP Gasoline

Construction Sites: On construction sites, particularly in areas where electricity is not available, 3.5kW power generators can be used to power tools and machinery.

Camping: When camping outdoors, 3.5 kW power generators can be used to power electrical equipment such as lamps, refrigerators, and mobile phones.
Emergency power supply: During power outages or emergencies, 3.5 kW power generators can be used to run electrical equipment such as refrigerators, heaters, pumps, and other essential household appliances.

Outdoor events: At outdoor events such as concerts, festivals and sporting events. 3.5 kW power generators can used to power lighting, sound, and stage equipment.
Leisure activities: 3.5 kW power generators can also be useful in various leisure activities such as gardening and DIY projects to power tools such as saws, drills, and grinders.

Absolute all-around device for every electricity use.


3-phase generator with max. 3500W output power, max. 3500W nominal power/socket
3x 230 volt & 1x 400V socket available
Petrol engine 4-stroke petrol engine
12-liter tank with fuel gauge for approx. 10 hours of operation under 2/3 load
Integrated overload protection, voltmeter, and oil level dipstick
Crankshaft supported on both sides for a long service life
Start with cable
Sound power level LWA: 95 dB (A) – operating noise at 7m: 65 dB
Weight 38KG

More information:

Powerful, robust and clean 4-stroke drive engine
Max power: 7 hp
3x 230V sockets incl. voltmeter that shows the voltage
1x 380V and 1x 12V socket
15L tank with level indicator for continuous operation
AVR function for stable output power
Easy-to-use pull-rope to start

Additional information

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Voltage (V)

230, 400

Power (kW)


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