Power Generator WX-3500

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Power, kW: 2,5
Voltage, V: 220
Fuel, L/h: 1,4


Portable manual gasoline generator model SUPER GEN (Super GEN) WX-3500 with a capacity of 2.2-2.5 kW with a fuel tank capacity of 15 liters is indispensable in the country, in a country house, cottage, garage, on trips, car tourism, field trips, fishing, hunting, hiking, construction site. The portable gasoline generator allows you to get electricity in any places where there is no main power supply.

The compact generator WX-3500 produces perfect sine waves without any distortion. Sensitive electronic devices can be safely connected to it: medical equipment, computers and personal laptops that can break down during power surges are designed to power low-power electrical appliances. The electric generator protects against overload, short circuits.

Own compact light-weight power plant as a backup, emergency energy source is designed to create an individual power grid in a private house, at an enterprise, shop, garage, workshop, construction site, hospital, clinic, where it is possible to turn off the power supply due to instability of the power grids and it is necessary to provide the necessary devices, tools and equipment with electricity.

Technical Specifications of WX-3500

The automatic voltage regulator (AVR) provides a stable and constant supply of output voltage, with possible load changes, protecting devices that consume the generated electricity, preventing serious overloads of the generator, increasing the overall efficiency of power equipment.
Light weight – 38kg.
Size of WX-3500 44x60x44 cm.
A powerful and reliable four-stroke, upper-valve, single-cylinder gasoline engine that provides uninterrupted, stable operation.
Economical fuel consumption of 1.4 l/h.
Durable metal noise-proof housing, moderate noise of 71 dB.
A strong steel frame protects the generator components from damage on the construction site or in the production shop.
The voltage is 220V.
The maximum power is 2.5 kW, the rated power is 2.2 kW.
The engine capacity is 208 cm3, the engine power is 4.2 kW, 5.8 hp
The operating time with a full tank is more than 10 hours.
Overload protection.
The volume of the oil tank is 0.6 liters.
The presence of an oil level sensor (notifies of the need to top up the engine oil).
The launch type is manual.
The type of cooling is air.
2 sockets for 220V.
Easy operation.

Minimum purchase 40 pcs. Weight 1 pc 42kg.
Full documentation available: specification, manual, certificate.

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