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Together with the experts, we tell you whether it is worth waiting for an increase in demand for electric generator equipment against the background of the growing military threat

Russia continues to build up its military power on the border with Ukraine. Also, Donbas has recently been subjected to increasingly brutal shelling by militants. In this regard, Ukrainians are afraid of power outages and are thinking about ways to escape.

“Today,” they tell whether there will be a “boom” in the country for electric generators and whether it makes sense to purchase it for your home. According to experts, it is very unlikely that Ukrainians will run en masse for electric generators.

“The current events in Donbas have nothing to do with the work of electric generation. Coal supplies are not carried out from there, Ukraine buys coal abroad, nuclear power plants are working stably.”

Experts also note that interruptions in electricity and gas supply can only occur in the event of a large-scale war. Also, the expert considers such a scenario extremely unlikely.

Why do we need electric generators?

An electric generator is a device that independently generates electricity and converts it. They are often used by owners of private houses to prevent power outages.

There are different types of electric generators, but all of them, experts emphasize, have the opportunity to work for a limited amount of time.

If your lights are turned off for a few hours, you cannot get candles and work quietly with the power of an electric generator, but it is very expensive and simply impossible to live in this mode all the time.

Electric generators can run on diesel, gasoline, and gas, there are also models combining both types.

Gasoline and diesel are the most popular because of their more affordable price and the ability to easily transport the device to any place.

Equipment with a capacity of up to three kilowatts burns approximately 0.7–1.0 liters of fuel per hour of operation. If you want a more powerful generator, the consumption per hour increases to 2 – 2.7 liters.

Although gas generators are distinguished by their innovation, they must be connected to a centralized gas pipeline.

How to calculate which electric generator you need?

If you still want to buy a device in case of a sudden power outage, you need to carefully calculate what power you need.

A company selling gardening equipment storgom.ua recommends calculating the power like this:

  • Write down on a piece of paper all the electrical appliances in the house. Also, write down their power in Watts opposite each one.
  • Divide everything you have written down into vital electrical appliances and those that you can do without for a while.
  • Select separately the equipment that should work continuously, smoothly, and simultaneously and add up their power. Add the power of interchangeable electrical appliances there, and also do not forget to add another 20% of the power “in reserve”.
  • For temporary lighting of a cottage or a small house, a generator up to 3 kW is suitable. Generators up to 5 kW can give more opportunities, for example, to watch TV or illuminate a large area of the house.

Generators up to 7 kW are suitable for a very large house, and only an enterprises or workshops buy generators of 10kW or more.

Gasoline generators, depending on the power, cost from 8 (less than 3 kW of power) to 70 thousand UAH (more than 7 kW of power).

Diesel models are significantly more expensive – from 20 to 200 thousand UAH.

Is it possible to buy an electric generator for an apartment?

Experts do not recommend buying such a device for an apartment.

“This is a temporary solution; it is possible in private homes. In a multi–apartment housing stock, this is not realistic,” the expert believes.

Technically speaking, you will be able to ensure the operation of the generator in the apartment, but this is a very noisy device, which, moreover, stinks of gasoline. There is also a danger of suffocating from carbon monoxide gases. So if the electric generator is installed incorrectly, a lot of space needs to be allocated for it.

Now more silent and compact models are selling quickly. In addition, we can recommend only an invertor generators for apartments, which can cost a pretty penny (about 30 thousand on average).

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