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Solar power plants (solar panels), having appeared for the first time on spacecraft, found their place on the roofs of houses, and over the years of use have proven their effectiveness. The feeling of comfort that our favorite electrical appliances give us is so dear to us that it naturally becomes a desire to take a solar power plant with us on the road, whether it’s a hike, a car trip, or a sea trip.

If you go camping, you should take care of a miniature solar system for charging the batteries of flashlights, communication and navigation equipment (telephone, radio station, GPS navigator), you are unlikely to need other devices in nature. You can purchase a backpack with built-in solar panels or a fold-out solar charger.

What is a mobile solar panel?

Portable or mobile solar panels are used to charge the batteries of various gadgets: phones, tablets, navigators or laptops, away from home, while traveling or in the country. Therefore, an extremely important parameter in such devices is the weight and ease of transportation, as well as ease of use in various conditions.

Form factor

Portable solar panels are divided into the following types:

  • Simple panels that work with the phone and the solar battery directly without a charge accumulator inside the panel. 
  • Monoblocks (battery + solar panel) are much more expensive and more weighty. Such a device can be exposed to the sun during the daytime, and at night the accumulated charge can be used.
  • A clamshell is an analogue of old toad cell phones. The advantages of this type are compactness. They don’t take up much space. When not needed, they close tightly, excluding the ingress of foreign objects.
  • Flexible wafers are one of the most popular types of mobile solar panels due to their fastening. They attached to a hiking backpack or bag.

Advantages of mobile solar panel

Modern mobile solar power plants are easy to operate, do not require a battery connection and, as a rule, work in almost any conditions. The only important thing is the presence of sunlight for energy generation. They equipped with special USB 5V or 18V connectors for easy connection of gadgets. Some models contain additional adapters.

Nov is available  buy solar chargers and mobile solar panels with power from 3 to 60 watts. Designed to charge devices with a supply voltage from 5V to 18V. Some of the proposed mobile batteries used to recharge a car or specialised (gel) battery. For which they have special wire terminals in the kit. The most powerful gadgets equipped with double “DUO” connectors and can charge almost all known mobile devices.

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