Electric generator and maintenance

Electric generator and maintenance

Today, units such as power generators have become important and necessary equipment not only for industrial needs, but also for use in private households. An electric generator is a useful and efficient electric power device that is an independent source of electricity.

It becomes simply indispensable when we encounter interruptions in the main power lines. The reasons for this can be many, ranging from the consequences caused by destructive weather events, and ending with the performance of regular service work by electricians.

In order to be able to use electrical devices and household appliances in such cases. A 5 kW home generator is useful, for example, which will provide you with the energy you need for this. At the same time, if you want it to serve for many years, you must not forget about timely care. Proper use and maintenance.

To do this, each generator is supplied with a user manual from the manufacturer. Which clearly indicates your steps for operation and maintenance.


There are many models of electric generators available on the domestic Polish market. Which are selected taking into account the needs of users and operating conditions. Regardless of which model is used in a particular case, there are a few basic rules to remember:

Correct choice of generator and correct connection of receivers

It is necessary to determine the active power of the unit. Which should be greater than the total power of all receivers connected to it. And increased taking into account the starting currents of the devices.

Checking the status of receivers

Before connecting the receivers to the generator, check their operability.

Checking the oil level

It is recommended to check the oil level every time the unit is started. If necessary, top up the reservoir to the top of the filler neck. Each manual contains information about the recommended oil for this type of engine.

Timely oil change

The correct and efficient operation of the engine depends on the purity of the oil. So the replacement of technical fluids must be carried out in accordance with the regulations.

Electric generator and maintenance fuel level control

The amount of fuel in the tank must not be below the minimum level. It is also worth remembering that you can not leave fuel in the tank for a long time. As it loses its properties, sediment forms in the tank, which then enters the carburetor and clogs its nozzles.

The injectors are very sensitive to the smallest particles of deposits and clog up quite quickly, preventing you from starting the engine. These problems can be prevented by not keeping the fuel in the tank and changing the fuel filter regularly.

Air filter inspection

This component is responsible for the saturation of the fuel mixture, it should be cleaned regularly and replaced at least once a year.


Systematic maintenance must be carried out within the time recommended by the manufacturer. This ensures uninterrupted and reliable operation of the equipment. In addition to timely care, it is important to remember the following.

You can choose and buy an electric generator yourself. But the connection to the building system must be made by an authorized electrician in accordance with the regulations on backup power supply and connection to the electrical network.

Incorrect connection of the generator to the building’s electrical network can cause overvoltage in the network. The consequences of which are dangerous to health and life.

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