The consequences if the generator runs at full load for a long time

The consequences if the generator runs at full load for a long time

The generator operates in the most optimal mode when the load connected to it does not exceed 40% -80% of the rated power. Therefore, first of all, it is important to choose the right power of the installation. In this case, it is desirable to add 15% -20% to the calculated load “in reserve”. This is important so that the electric generator works properly and there are no consequences


If the generator is overloaded for a long time (i.e., it works in excess of the maximum operating mode or at the limits of its capabilities), this can lead to the following consequences.

  • Engine overheating;
  • Overheating of the alternator and as a result – the combustion of the winding;
  • Violation of the integrity of the oil supply system, which in turn can cause low oil pressure and engine failure;
  • Reducing the service life of the generator;
  • Increase in fuel consumption;
  • Damage to devices connected to the generator


As with any appliance, an electric generator must be used wisely, safely and without overloading it. It doesn’t matter if it’s diesel or gasoline, single-phase or three-phase, Synchronous or asynchronous power generator. It is always important to read the instructions that come with the device, even if you know how to use it. The manual usually contains recommendations and tips on how to use the device safely and effectively, without damaging it and so that it serves you for a long time.

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